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Why do we need help sculpting our bodies?

Genetics play a role in sculpting the perfect body. Exercise and great nutrition are essential, of course. But what to do when they just don’t do the trick? What if you’ve done everything you could have, only to be greeted by an okay-ish body in the mirror? Do you succumb to the average life of an average person?
No! Shaping your body like you always wanted to is just several steps away. You still have to do your part, live healthily and not ingest tons of food that’s not good for you, but we have the most effective body treatments in Phoenix that make all the difference: CoolSculpting and CoolTone.
When you’ve exhausted all avenues when it comes to exercise, and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it might be the time to take a customized fat loss route. Our experts will sit down with you and map out a personalized plan to say goodbye to fat forever. If your desire is to go even further and show off your well-shaped muscles, we can help with that too.

Your allies in achieving 
the perfect beach body

CoolSculpting and CoolTone are the most effective machines of the new age 
that work on precisely those parts of your body that you want!
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Incredible results with body sculpting in just several weeks!

The two core issues with losing fat are people having stubborn pockets of fat in areas that don’t seem to respond to exercise and calorie deficit, and areas that seem saggy and soft. These two problems are targeted successfully at Vibrant Vitality Clinic with the help of the two machines we even use ourselves.
CoolTone generates a magnetic field that stimulates muscle layers and induces contraction to form a stronger, firmer and more toned abdomen, thighs and buttocks! It stimulates those hard-to-reach muscles that you can’t seem to tone on your own no matter how much you work out. A 30-minute session is equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups!

Overall, we have multiple modalities that help create a comprehensive weight loss journey to achieve success! Book your consultation with our experts today!

Client Testimonials

“CoolTone has been a great compliment to my existing workout routine, I almost cannot believe how it helped me strengthen and tone my body!”
Brandon Wise
Phoenix, AZ
“I’ve felt self-conscious when it comes to my upper arms for ages because the fat just wouldn’t bulge. Enter CoolSculpting. I love tank tops now!”
Kristina Whiemel
Phoenix, AZ
“I don’t want to be that guy that sounds like he’s been paid to promote something, but I noticed a difference in my muscle engagement after just one CoolTone session.”
Josh O'Reilly
Phoenix, AZ
“My abdomen has always been a problem area for me and CoolTone has really helped me strengthen and tone my core. Vibrant Vitality Clinic you are the best!” 
Lia Sorrento
Phoenix, AZ


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