Medical Weight Loss in Phoenix

Reach your ideal weight and improve your health! Our personalized medical weight loss programs let our Phoenix-based clients achieve desired weight, balance health and feel better from the inside out. Give us 6 months, and we help you achieve your goals.


Health first, looks second

Weight loss is a challenging journey that requires a personalized approach. The same approach for weight loss does not work for everybody. Each of us has different physiological needs when it comes to our metabolism, our hormones, and our lifestyles.
Have you been looking for the right approach to your own weight loss, but to no avail? Have you tried all the latest diets and diet fads? It’s time to turn to someone who knows that weight loss is not a one-fits-all system. Welcome to the Vibrant Vitality Clinic!
Hormones are responsible for so many processes going on in our bodies – gaining and losing weight being one of them. Your efforts may have been futile so far because of a particular hormone imbalance. Here at Vibrant Vitality, our goal is to find areas of imbalance that affect the way we metabolize food and make life choices. Our goal is to optimize your hormones and support your metabolism to put your body in a space that can regulate and process food, stress, and waste optimally.

Medically Supervised Weight
Loss Journey

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Sustainable and healthy weight loss

Our weight loss program combines everything you need for a sustainable weight loss process. Prescription medications and supplements are used to support appetite suppression, enhance metabolism, and balance digestion. To ensure a well-rounded approach, we have teamed with fitness professionals to provide a medical integrative fitness program.
Our five-day Prolon Detoxification program developed by Dr Valter Longo of the Aging and Longevity Institute at USC works at a cellular level to reset your system. Through this five-day medically supervised journey, you will be able to detox from habits and support the transition to a healthy diet. If you have specific areas of concern that are not responding to diet and exercise alone, we have the ability to utilize body sculpting options. Our CoolSculpting and CoolTone machines can target excess fat and stimulate muscle enhancement to achieve optimal results.

Client Testimonials

“Prolon diet has prompted me to really reconsider all my daily habits, and only stick to the good ones. Now my wife is starting the program herself.”
Tim Slade
Phoenix, AZ
“The five-day journey was hard, but I’d do it again. And I will. Thanks to Vibrant Vitality Clinic for helping me and guiding me through the program.”
Norm Collins
Phoenix, AZ
“What I love about Medical Weight Loss at VVC is their personalized approach. They took into account what I do on a daily basis and what I’m not ready to change. And it worked!”
Kendra Powers
Phoenix, AZ
“Finally a program I can stick to, because when I see the passion of the staff at Vibrant Vitality Clinic about my weight loss, it’s hard not to be passionate myself. Thanks!”
Amy Wilson
Phoenix, AZ


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