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March 9, 2023
Hormonal Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Hormones are in a constant state of flux. Their varying levels influence both our body and our mind, impacting how we think, feel, and behave. Hormonal imbalance can also trigger mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. This article looks at how hormones affect mental health and offers tips on how to reduce stress and […]

March 8, 2023
Can a Hormonal Imbalance Cause Weight Gain?

The endocrine glands release chemical substances called hormones into the bloodstream to deliver messages to cells, spurring them into action. Hormones help regulate various bodily functions, from sleep to glucose metabolism, and even slight imbalances in the system can affect our physical and mental health.   This article explains how an imbalance in hormonal activity […]

March 2, 2023
Resveratrol for Skin: Sources, Benefits, and How to Use

For an effective skincare regimen, skin experts recommend incorporating anti-aging products with antioxidants – ingredients that protect the skin from free radicals and potentially reverse their damaging effects. Resveratrol is among the most potent antioxidants in skincare products, providing various benefits for healthier, more youthful skin. This article explains how resveratrol works in the skin […]

March 1, 2023
Resveratrol for Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

Losing weight has never been more on people’s minds than nowadays, when almost 40% of the world’s population is overweight. The problem is not just one of esthetics – excess weight is a serious health concern that has far-reaching consequences. Restrictive eating plans and regular exercise are difficult to sustain, so most patients need additional […]

February 23, 2023
How to Stop Hormonal Hair Loss?

Hair loss (alopecia) has multiple causes and affects both men and women. It is temporary and treatable if it is stress-related or caused by a hormonal imbalance. Non-invasive treatments paired with the proper vitamin supplementation can help reverse hair loss and prevent further hair thinning.  This article discusses the causes and symptoms of hormonal hair […]

February 23, 2023
Jumpstart Weight Loss with These Best Practices

The challenges of modern life make it difficult to maintain a healthy, attractive-looking figure. Solutions for weight loss have never been so abundant, but many lack a comprehensive strategy, and people who try them usually don’t achieve long-term results. Our medical team has been working with overweight patients for many years, and we know which […]

February 14, 2023
What Is Trans Fat and Why Is It Bad?

Fats are one of the three essential macronutrients which give us energy, besides proteins and carbohydrates. While the word has negative connotations, not all fats are the same. Certain fats are essential for absorbing vitamins from food, building nerve tissue, and fighting inflammation. Other fats can lead to chronic diseases. Trans fats on food labels […]

February 1, 2023
Semaglutide for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

There is an increased awareness that maintaining normal weight is more than just attaining a certain body image goal. Shedding excess weight is a matter of decreasing the risk of many life-threatening diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. A healthy diet and regular exercise remain the basis for all weight loss strategies, but […]

February 1, 2023
Insulin Resistance and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Statistics show that the number of people with diabetes is rapidly increasing, now also affecting people at younger ages. A common precursor to diabetes is insulin resistance. This article explains how insulin resistance develops, which factors increase its risk, and how weight loss can reverse the condition. What Is Insulin Resistance? Insulin resistance is a […]

January 25, 2023
How Much Does Medical Weight Loss Cost?

After years of crash diets and repeated failures to shed pounds, many patients turn to medical weight loss clinics. Their reasons are often aesthetic, but losing weight is in fact a medical necessity. Excess weight – especially obesity – can lead to life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. This article looks […]

January 25, 2023
How Insulin Affects Weight Loss

Sugar is the main culprit for most people’s weight issues, and insulin is the key hormone that regulates its levels in our bloodstream. Scientists have researched insulin for years, uncovering its intricate mechanisms and how it affects weight management. This article explains how insulin works, its connection to weight loss, and what we can do […]

January 18, 2023
Is Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Over half the world’s population consumes rice as a staple food. In Asian countries, which produce around 90% of rice, it forms the basis of almost every meal. As such a widely consumed cereal, the question arises whether rice contributes to weight loss or causes weight gain. This article explains the nutritional value of rice, […]

January 18, 2023
Losing Weight with Intermittent Fasting: Does it Work?

In the past decade, intermittent fasting (IF) has emerged as an innovative eating regime that primarily focuses on when you eat instead of what you eat. Intermittent fasting has long been done for religious reasons, but research shows it has positive effects on weight management. By helping to regulate appetite and blood sugar levels, and […]

January 11, 2023
10 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Hormone Balancing

Hormones play an essential role in the body by sending chemical messages through the blood stream to different organs. They regulate hundreds of physical processes, from growth and development, to blood pressure, blood sugar, sexual function, sleep, and mood. Hormones are produced by glands that form the endocrine system. When our glands produce excessive or […]

January 11, 2023
Vitamin B12 Injections: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

Nutritional deficiencies cause many health issues. The traditional route to treating nutritional deficiencies is diet modification and oral supplements, but health professionals increasingly prescribe vitamin injections to patients. This article focuses on vitamin B12 injections, explaining why they are popular and what benefits to expect from the therapy. What Are B12 Injections? B12 injections prevent […]

January 4, 2023
Does Anemia Cause Weight Loss?

Weight loss is on many people’s list of New Year’s resolutions year after year, but sometimes it comes unexpectedly because of a health problem. If you experience suspicious weight fluctuations that have nothing to do with your diet, watch out for other accompanying symptoms, such as fatigue and shortness of breath. You may be suffering […]

December 27, 2022
Can Metformin Help You Lose Weight?

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits that include a balanced diet and regular exercise is the most effective and sustainable way to lose and manage weight. However, some people struggle to change their behavior or don’t see results from a diet change. In this case, the best option is to seek medical help. Healthcare professionals specializing in […]

December 22, 2022
Can Vitamin C Help You Lose Weight?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble molecule that supports the immune system, helps build collagen, supports a healthy metabolism, and assists with weight regulation. It is essential for the human body and its deficiency can cause serious health issues, including death. This article provides an in-depth explanation of how vitamin C contributes to your […]

December 14, 2022
Chromium for Weight Loss: Does It Work

Chromium is an essential mineral our bodies need in trace amounts (25-35 micrograms daily) to help metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. We get chromium through food, but studies show that as many as 90% of US diets are poor in this element. Besides inadequate nutrition, some people have low levels because of poor chromium absorption. […]

December 14, 2022
Low-Dose Naltrexone for Weight Loss: Things You Need to Know

People who struggle to lose weight through lifestyle modifications, such as restricted calorie intake and regular exercise, may benefit from certain medications that help with weight loss. Naltrexone is a prescription drug whose FDA-approved indication is opioid and alcohol dependency disorder. However, clinical research and patient experience show that when used in low doses, the […]

December 7, 2022
How Can Amino Acids Help You Lose Weight?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, the molecules essential for biochemical functions such as tissue repair, cell growth, and breaking down food into nutrients. To function properly, our bodies need twenty amino acids: eleven of those we can produce on our own, while nine need to be ingested through food. Amino acids are […]

December 1, 2022
Vitamin B for Weight Loss: Does it Help?

B vitamins (sometimes referred to as Vitamin B complex) are essential for many biochemical processes in our bodies. This includes transforming food into energy and producing and maintaining red blood cells, which transport energy through the body. B vitamins may relieve symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, and muscle weakness. They also help maintain a healthy […]

November 23, 2022
Can Topiramate Help You Lose Weight?

Topiramate is a generic medication belonging to the family of antiepileptic drugs. The FDA approved it for the treatment of epilepsy and migraines, but doctors also use it for other conditions, including fibromyalgia, alcohol dependence, and eating disorders. They often prescribe it off-label to help overweight patients lose weight. This article explains how topiramate works […]

November 23, 2022
Does Magnesium Help You Lose Weight?

Magnesium is a mineral found in our bones and soft tissue that helps regulate various biochemical processes to keep us healthy and alive. Our bodies don’t produce this essential mineral, so food is our primary source of magnesium. Just a few servings of magnesium-rich foods are enough to give the necessary amount of magnesium, but […]

November 17, 2022
Testosterone Therapy for Women

Testosterone is a steroid hormone usually associated with men, but it is also produced in the ovaries and plays a vital role in women’s health. As we age, the production of sex hormones declines and may cause uncomfortable symptoms in both men and women. The standard hormone replacement therapy for women is estrogen or estrogen […]

November 17, 2022
14 Best Weight Loss Products to Help You Slim Down

A balanced nutrition and regular physical activity are essential for weight loss and weight management. However, a healthy lifestyle sometimes isn’t enough. Aging, hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and other health issues often make it difficult to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. Modern science provides alternative solutions for those who struggle with excess weight […]

November 10, 2022
Does Testosterone Increase Sex Drive

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced primarily in the testicles and, in small amounts, in the ovaries. Its production peaks in early adulthood and then decreases yearly by up to 1%. Its deficiency can cause health issues, such as reduced muscle mass, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and sleep issues. Low sex drive also results from […]

November 3, 2022
Does Testosterone Therapy Make You Lose Weight

When people hear testosterone, they think masculinity, strength, and power. The association is rooted in the biological fact that testosterone is the principal sex hormone in males. Produced in the testicles, it regulates male reproductive features, bone and muscle growth, metabolism, energy levels, and weight. Testosterone production declines with age, often resulting in symptoms such […]

November 3, 2022
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Explained

Hormones are chemical messengers that carry vital instructions to cells. They regulate essential bodily functions such as muscle growth, bone density, reproduction, metabolism, appetite, sleep, and more. When hormones are out of balance, people experience uncomfortable symptoms, sometimes leading to serious health issues. Healthcare providers who treat patients with hormonal imbalances often prescribe hormone replacement […]

October 27, 2022
Hormone Detox: Why You Need One

Hormonal levels fluctuate throughout our lives, causing brief changes in our mood, behavior, and physical well-being. However, dramatic and long-term fluctuations in hormone levels disrupt essential bodily functions, resulting in chronic, uncomfortable symptoms and medical issues. Long-term hormonal imbalance usually requires medical attention, but patients with mild symptoms can often restore optimal levels with a […]

October 27, 2022
What Is Skin Detox and How to Do It?

People usually associate detox with a process that purges our internal organs of toxins, helping kidneys and the liver eliminate unhealthy substances more efficiently. But did you know that the skin also needs regular detoxification? The skin is our first line of defense against external pollutants, and all the dirt and toxins that try to […]

October 20, 2022
How to Take Glutathione Effectively

Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in our bodies. Unlike most antioxidants we acquire through food, glutathione is produced in the liver and is vital in protecting the cells from free radicals and reducing oxidative stress. When its levels decrease, oxidative stress builds up and this can lead to chronic illness. Medical experts often recommend […]

October 20, 2022
Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles in men and the ovaries and adrenal glands in women. It is a predominantly male hormone that regulates the development of sex characteristics, muscle and bone density, and it regulates sex drive, mood, and other processes. In women, it is released in small amounts and, together with […]

October 13, 2022
Glutathione Injections: What Are They Used For?

Scientists are closely studying the world for substances that will help improve people’s health and increase longevity. The most remarkable discoveries are often made in our bodies. One such amazing compound is glutathione (GSH). This tripeptide is present in the cells of all living organisms. In humans, it is produced in the liver. However, its […]

October 13, 2022
12 Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione is the most abundant, naturally occurring antioxidant in our bodies. It is produced in the liver and consists of three amino acids – cysteine, glycine, and glutamate. Scientists have shown interest in this master antioxidant because it is linked to many bodily functions and may play a key role in our health and longevity. […]

September 22, 2022
Hormonal Imbalance: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Hormones are chemical messengers in our body that carry directives to different organs, “telling” them what to do and regulating their functions. With the glands that produce them, they make up the endocrine system, which coordinates our metabolism, reproduction, growth, sleeping cycle, blood sugar, and many other biological processes. This article explains the symptoms and […]

June 29, 2022
What Is Amino Acid IV Therapy?

Amino acids are compounds that help our bodies build proteins. They are responsible for various bodily functions, including muscle growth, tissue repair, and hormone synthesis. Our bodies use twenty amino acids, nine of which need to be supplied through food because we can’t synthesize them on our own. Many people suffer from amino acid deficiencies […]

June 21, 2022
Perimenopause vs. Premenopause: Symptoms and Stages

From the onset of puberty to the end of their reproductive life, women experience hormonal changes. None of these changes happen overnight but take place over a period of years. A significant transitional point in a woman’s reproductive life is caused by a drop in estrogen levels, followed by the ovaries no longer releasing eggs. […]

June 9, 2022
Vitamin B IV Therapy: Things You Need to Know

Food is our primary source of essential nutrients. However, today’s unhealthy eating habits and other lifestyle and medical factors cause people to suffer from vitamin deficiencies – especially vitamins from the B complex. The usual way of replenishing the body with nutrients is through oral supplementation. However, to ensure complete vitamin absorption, many medical professionals […]

June 2, 2022
What Are the Vitamin C IV Therapy Benefits?

Vitamin C is known for its many beneficial effects on our health. We can’t produce this vitamin on our own, so we take it through food and vitamin supplements. However, our digestive system breaks it down, sending only a portion of the vitamin to our cells. Medical professionals use IV therapy to bypass the digestive […]

June 2, 2022
IV Drip for Glowing Skin

In the continuous quest to provide patients with safer and more effective methods for enhancing their looks, medical cosmetic professionals have started using IV therapy as a cosmetic treatment. Continue reading to learn how intravenous drips for glowing skin work and what results to expect from the procedure. What Is IV Drip for Glowing Skin? […]

May 26, 2022
Testosterone Therapy: What Is It?

With age, testosterone production declines, sometimes causing unpleasant physical and emotional changes. Low testosterone levels can also result from certain health issues. Today, many men seek testosterone therapy to restore normal levels of this hormone. But is it a suitable treatment for everyone with testosterone deficiency? This article explains how testosterone therapy works and weighs […]

May 26, 2022
IV Therapy for Athletic Performance

Physically active people, especially professional athletes, push their bodies to reach new levels of athletic performance. Physical activity gives them energy, but it also burns through their vitamin, mineral, and water supply more quickly.. The results of intense activity are often dehydration, fatigue, muscle spasms, muscle pain, aching joints and ligaments, and the inability to […]

May 19, 2022
Perimenopause: Symptoms and Treatments

Menopause is a significant turning point in a woman’s life and is characterized by an absence of menstrual bleeding. It is preceded by a period of several years, during which a series of symptoms affect a woman’s physical and emotional state. This transitional phase before menopause is called perimenopause. In this article, we explain what […]

May 19, 2022
Low Sex Drive in Women: Symptoms and Causes

How often a person feels the desire for sexual intercourse depends on many things and no two people are alike. Libido fluctuates throughout our lives but if a lowered desire for intercourse affects your wellbeing there are ways to improve the situation. Many things affect the desire for sex, from our physical and emotional well-being […]

May 12, 2022
Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy - Which Hormones Make You Look Younger?

Aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, decreased skin elasticity, and hair loss are also caused by changes in hormone levels. The good news is that you can rejuvenate your appearance with hormone replacement therapy. This article explains which hormones make people look older and how anti-aging hormone therapy can help restore a […]

March 29, 2022
Does IV Therapy for Hangover Work?

As much as a night on the town can be fun, what happens the day after is usually the opposite. A hangover is a set of uncomfortable symptoms that follow excess alcohol intake and includes thirst, nausea, headache, muscle ache, irritability, sweating, sensitivity to light and sound, and increased blood pressure. The symptoms dissipate after […]

March 24, 2022
IV Therapy for Weight Loss

The formula for shedding extra pounds couldn’t be simpler: eat less and exercise more. However, people’s weight loss journeys are anything but straightforward as many factors affect the process. From hormonal imbalances to a lack of energy due to nutritional deficiencies, many biological and psychological causes prevent us from achieving and maintaining a healthy figure. […]

March 24, 2022
10 Vitamins for an Immune System Boost

Nutrient deficiencies are a common cause of compromised immunity. These problems occur in the malnourished, who don’t consume enough food, and the overweight, whose food choices are poor in essential nutrients. Long-term balanced nutrition is the foundation of a healthy immune system. Supplements can never compensate for a poor diet because our bodies absorb more […]

March 15, 2022
Does IV Therapy Really Work?

Many wellness and beauty treatments originated from medical practices used to treat disease. Botox is an example of how the cosmetics industry “borrowed” a medical procedure and turned it into a popular anti-aging treatment. IV therapy has been around for a hundred years. In medical settings, it is used for rapid administration of antibiotics, anesthesia, […]

March 8, 2022
What Is IV Therapy: What You Should Know

IV therapy has been used for decades for supplying medical patients with high doses of medications and rehydrating agents. Today, IV therapy is emerging as a broad-spectrum wellness treatment with a wide range of uses and benefits. This article explains what IV therapy is, how it works, and how often to get the treatment for […]

March 8, 2022
8 Benefits of IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is often associated with medical care in hospitals. It’s a treatment in which medication, nutrients, and fluids are administered into the patient’s bloodstream via a tube inserted into the vein. Medical professionals also recognize IV therapy as an effective wellness and beauty treatment, with numerous benefits that can be achieved with regular […]

March 2, 2022
Medical Weight Loss Explained

The number of people whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds the healthy average keeps rising. Excess weight is not just a matter of esthetics. Its prevalence is alarming because science has confirmed the link between obesity and many life-threatening diseases. To make matters worse, for many people losing weight seems unattainable. Quick diets promoted in […]

February 17, 2022
Medically Supervised Weight Loss: Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Weight gain and obesity are serious health problems that lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other serious conditions. Obesity is especially prevalent in developed countries, where the fast pace of life and stress favor unhealthy lifestyle habits, including excess consumption of high-calorie foods, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, etc. Maintaining a healthy diet and being […]

February 3, 2022
19 Practical Weight Loss Tips

More than 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. In their desire to lose weight, many resort to fad diets that are too good to be true. Not only they are quick, one-size-fits-all diets are often ineffective, and may also pose a health risk because they don’t consider a person’s unique nutritional needs. Safe […]

January 26, 2022
ProLon Diet: What You Need to Know

There is no shortage of diet plans and weight-loss tips online, promising wonders. Most people who’ve tried some of them know that the results often don’t satisfy or last long. With some exceptions, popular diets are often ineffective because they are created without scientific research and medical insight into people’s hormonal and metabolic processes. However, […]

January 26, 2022
How to Get Rid of Hormonal Belly Fat

Sometimes eating less does not translate to weight loss. Some people experience the frustrating situation of eating in moderation and still having excess fat. What causes this problem? Weight gain most often results from overeating, but it can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Hormones are molecules secreted by glands in the endocrine system. […]

January 20, 2022
Best Medical Weight Loss Programs for 2022

Losing weight sounds easy in theory: eating fewer calories than you expend. But that is much harder in practice, as millions of overweight people know. Many struggle to lose weight through popular diets and different exercise plans, but they usually experience a yo-yo effect. They lose weight only to gain it back as soon as […]

January 20, 2022
How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey: 13 Proven Tips

Many people start the new year, month, or week with a promise to themselves to lose weight. In most cases, aesthetic goals drive these resolutions to slim down. However, excess weight is also a medical issue. It may contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, sleep apnea, and other life-threatening conditions. For those reasons, […]

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