18 Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Options to Combat the Symptoms

Jenna Hilton
June 14, 2023

Adrenal fatigue is a stress-triggered health condition arising from a hectic lifestyle, and physical or mental exertion. It occurs when the adrenal glands become overworked due to excessive or prolonged stress.

Symptoms range from chronic tiredness, sleep disturbances, and low blood pressure, to anxiety and salt and sugar cravings.

The medical community, including the FDA, does not officially recognize this condition. Nonetheless, there are many adrenal fatigue treatments at your disposal. Read about them in this article.

Adrenal fatigue treatment

18 Adrenal Fatigue Treatments

You can improve your ability to cope with stress and reduce adrenal fatigue symptoms by implementing lifestyle changes and incorporating dietary supplements and nutritional therapies into your regimen.

It is essential to consult a healthcare specialist who will customize the treatment based on your unique requirements.

1. Adopt a Healthy Diet

A balanced, nutrient-dense diet supports the immune system, reduces oxidative stress, and lowers inflammation, thus alleviating many adrenal fatigue symptoms. Food rich in vitamins and antioxidants supports adrenal health by repairing cellular damage caused by free radicals. Anti-inflammatory nutrients stabilize sugar levels, provide sustained energy levels, strengthen the stress response, and accelerate recovery from chronic stress.

Ensure optimal functioning of the adrenal glands by incorporating these foods in your diet:

  • Vegetables – Leafy greens (spinach, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli), brightly colored vegetables (bell peppers, squash, carrots, beets, tomatoes).
  • Fruit – Blueberries, strawberries, cherries, dried apricots, pineapple, mango, papaya.
  • Lean protein – Beef, turkey, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, legumes.
  • Healthy fats – Salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.
  • Probiotics – Kefir, yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, kombucha, pickles.
  • Whole grains – Brown rice, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, bulgur, millet.

2. Eat at Regular Intervals

A constant supply of essential nutrients is vital for adrenal health. A regular diet with predictable eating patterns enhances stress resilience and decreases the effects of daily stressors.

Frequent, moderate meals allow your body to recuperate from physical or mental exertion by providing the nutrients necessary to restore energy supplies, regulate sugar levels, and keep the body functioning optimally. Eating smaller portion sizes more often regulates appetite and prevents overeating.

Skipping meals can disrupt blood sugar levels, leading to insulin spikes and increased cortisol production, putting more stress on the already depleted adrenal gland system.

3. Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein plays a crucial role in preserving adrenal health by:

  • Promoting satiety
  • Curbing hunger
  • Slowing digestion
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Relaxing the body

Sugar spikes and crashes are often mistaken for tiredness and hunger, leading to food cravings and overeating. This vicious cycle exhausts the adrenals by sending false signals of hunger, triggering the fight-or-flight mechanism in the body. High-protein foods, such as lean meats, poultry, eggs, or fish contain tryptophan, an amino acid that calms the body by lowering cortisol levels.

Note: Decrease food cravings with a natural appetite-regulating supplement, Vibrant Crave Control.

4. Avoid Stimulants

Stimulants, such as caffeine, alcohol, or energy drinks, can worsen adrenal fatigue symptoms by:

  • Overwhelming the adrenals through increased release of stress hormones.
  • Suppressing the body’s natural circadian rhythm and disrupting melatonin production necessary for rest and recovery.
  • Increasing the metabolic rate and using up stored-up energy reserves, leading to faster nutritional depletion.

While it may be tempting to increase alertness with coffee when feeling low on energy, immoderate consumption has the opposite effect. Overstimulation increases stress levels and disturbs sleep, causing chronic burnout.

Minimize stimulant intake to prevent these harmful effects and give your adrenal glands time to restore their lost balance.

Note: Osmosis MD Hangover Relief Elixir and IV therapy for hangover can alleviate some adrenal fatigue symptoms triggered by excessive alcohol consumption.

5. Improve Gut Health

Chronic stress compromises the immune system by reducing the diversity of healthy bacteria, which leads to impaired digestion and increased intestinal permeability (a leaky gut).

Improving gut health is essential in keeping adrenal fatigue symptoms at bay. Clean eating, probiotics, or supplements such as Osmosis MD Digestive Support or Vibrant Soothe & Move can help maintain digestion by supporting gut microbiota, enhancing nutrient absorption, reducing oxidative stress, and increasing energy.

6. Stay Hydrated

The adrenal glands secrete a hormone called aldosterone (ALD), which is responsible for regulating blood pressure by managing sodium and potassium levels. When the adrenals are exhausted due to excessive stress, aldosterone levels drop, causing fluid imbalance, dehydration, and low electrolyte levels.

You can eliminate this symptom of adrenal fatigue by increasing fluid intake, hydrating more frequently, and drinking electrolyte-infused water.

One of the benefits of IV therapy is rehydration. The procedure helps you replenish vital electrolytes and support cellular energy, lessening the burden on the adrenal glands.

Staying hydrated is one of the adrenal fatigue treatment options

7. Start Using Supplements

You can support the adrenals by correcting nutritional deficiencies with proper vitamin and mineral supplementation. The best dietary supplements for battling adrenal fatigue contain:

  • Vitamins B5, B6, and B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Powder supplements, such as Vibrant 14-Day Detox, can boost your diet with essential nutrients that directly impact the adrenal system. Vitamin B12 injections can quickly restore energy levels and reduce anxiety, depression, or fatigue.

Note: Read our article and find out more about the vitamin C for weight loss.

8. Get Some IV Therapy

IV therapy speeds up the healing process, securing quicker recovery from adrenal fatigue in three distinct ways:

  • It delivers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, which slows down the process and degrades some of the nutrients.
  • It provides total rehydration, correcting the electrolyte imbalance triggered by dysfunctional adrenals.
  • Its antioxidant-, vitamin-, and mineral-dense formulation restores healthy energy levels to help you manage daily stress.

Vitamin C IV therapy has numerous anti-inflammatory benefits to support adrenal well-being, including reducing oxidative stress from free radicals and strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin B IV therapy is enriched with eight B complex vitamins that help manage digestion, boost energy levels, and regulate optimal cortisol levels to lower stress.

Note: Contact Vibrant Vitality Clinic’s staff to schedule a nutritional IV therapy in Phoenix.

9. Consume More Magnesium

Magnesium is crucial in treating adrenal fatigue symptoms, including sleepiness, lethargy, brain fog, anxiety, constipation, and insomnia. This mineral helps:

  • Regulate the body’s stress response by optimizing cortisol levels.
  • Promote relaxation by producing a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Relieve gastrointestinal issues, such as constipation.
  • Improve ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis vital for cellular energy supply.

You can reverse magnesium deficiency with dietary modifications to include whole grains, dark-green leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Inner Glow IV therapy is a potent blend of vitamins and minerals featuring magnesium chloride that help restore levels of this mineral and improve overall energy.

Note: Read about the benefits of magnesium for weight loss.

10. Try Out Glutathione Injections

Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can enhance the functionality of the adrenal glands. This master antioxidant can be taken through supplementation or injections. Scientific research confirms the numerous benefits of glutathione, including their ability to:

  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease oxidative stress
  • Eliminate metabolic waste
  • Act as a detoxification agent
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase energy levels

Injections are more effective because they increase glutathione’s antioxidant power, while oral administration makes it less bioavailable because the stomach’s enzymes break it down.

Note: Find out all the important information about glutathione injections - how they work and how often should you use them.

11. Go on a Hormone Detox

The adrenal glands release adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, and aldosterone, so any form of adrenal dysfunction may cause a hormonal imbalance. You can support your endocrine system and restore optimal cortisol levels with a hormone detox, making lifestyle modifications, or taking supplements for hormone balancing.

Osmosis MD Hormone Relief Elixir, packed with 75 microscopic fulvic minerals, can be a powerful ally in combating adrenal fatigue symptoms, including tiredness, decreased libido, hair loss, and sleep disturbances.

12. Strengthen Your Immune System

It is crucial to give your overworked adrenals a little support when under chronic, stress-induced tiredness. A robust immune system promotes tissue repair, speeds up recovery, provides proper cell protection, and bolsters your ability to meet daily stress head on.

You can increase resilience and strengthen the immune system with immune-boosting therapy or a natural detox supplement, such as Osmosis MD Immune Activator. A well-balanced diet containing essential vitamins for an immune system boost goes a long way in minimizing the severity of many adrenal fatigue side effects.

13. Exercise Regularly

Low-impact workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, mild stretching, aerobic exercises, or brisk walking, can have a powerful effect on the endocrine system. Any form of excessive physical activity can be detrimental to overwhelmed adrenals, causing more stress and triggering cortisol overproduction.

On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle characterized by minimal physical exertion poses a severe risk to adrenal health because it augments stress sensitivity.

14. Spend Time in Nature

Time spent in nature has many stress-relieving benefits that can help you combat adrenal fatigue. Getting more fresh air helps oxygenate your system, promotes deep breathing that flushes out airborne toxins and encourages a calmer state of mind.

More oxygen increases serotonin levels, with any outdoor activity acting as a natural mood booster. Spending time in natural surroundings can also lower the heart rate, improve digestion, and increase energy levels. Finally, time spent in the sun promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, necessary for robust immunity.

Spending time in nature is another adrenal fatigue treatment

15. Limit Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Pollutants from the environment can interfere with the endocrine system, impairing adrenal function. The body’s natural defense mechanisms gradually weaken due to prolonged exposure to toxins.

You can use oral supplements for an environmental detox to remove heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, or food preservatives that threaten to compromise your adrenal health and worsen chronic fatigue. Vibrant 14-Day Detox is a dairy-free functional food powder containing a blend of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that aids detoxification.

These supplements target the adrenal glands by cleansing the entire system from harmful substances.

16. Get More Sleep

Depleted adrenals require rest and recovery that only deep, restorative sleep can provide. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize time to take breaks from daily tasks, include power naps, and obtain adequate amounts of sleep at night. The World Health Organization recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults.

Sleep deprivation worsens adrenal fatigue by weakening the immune system, magnifying stress sensitivity, and disrupting cortisol release rhythms. You can improve sleep hygiene with a regular schedule, relaxing bedtime rituals, or supplements designed to promote tranquility such as Osmosis MD Relax & Unwind Elixir or Relora.

Note: What is Relora? Read our blog article to find out everything you need to know about this blend of plant extracts that relieves anxiety, promotes relaxation, and even aids with digestive problems.

17. Practice Stress Management

Long-term stress wreaks havoc on the adrenals, causing a heightened stress response and elevated cortisol levels. While most adrenal fatigue treatments focus on removing the symptoms, stress management techniques center on eliminating the root cause.

You can try different stress-coping practices, such as deep abdominal breathing exercises, meditation, progressive relaxation techniques, massage, or Epsom salt baths. The goal is to promote relaxation and lower the production of stress hormones to give your exerted adrenal glands a much-needed break.

Note: Natural supplements can increase the effectiveness of stress management techniques. Learn more about the best supplements for stress.

18. Seek Psychological Support

Chronic stress can take a toll on your emotional well-being. Adrenal fatigue can be accompanied by mental issues ranging from mild mood swings to full-blown anxiety and depression. 

Professional psychological assistance is crucial when dealing with persistent or recurring mental problems. You can learn how to establish self-care habits, improve social interactions, manage your stress response, and regulate emotions.

Note: Read about hormonal anxiety to find out how hormones affect mental health.

How Long Does It Take to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue?

Reversing adrenal fatigue depends on the stage and severity of symptoms, existing medical conditions, and the chosen treatment plan. Full recovery may take weeks, months, or even years. It requires persistence, patience, and professional medical support.


Even though there are no well-defined criteria to diagnose adrenal fatigue, various treatment options may help you enhance the state of your adrenal glands, boost your immune system, and improve overall health.

Contact our expert team at Vibrant Vitality Clinic to learn more about how to deal with low energy triggered by malfunctioning adrenals.

Jenna Hilton
Jenna Hilton has been a practicing PA since 2009, specializing in Family, Internal Medicine and Medical Aesthetics. She attended Arizona State University where she received her Bachelor's Degree and graduated magna cum laude. She received her Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from A.T. Still University.

Jenna has been injecting neurotoxin and dermal filler since 2013. She received certification as a Master Injector in 2017 through Empire Medical in Los Angeles, California. She is currently working on a Fellowship Program in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Her special interests include use of PLLA, Ablative/Non ablative skin resurfacing, PDO threads, hormone therapy and nutritional therapies to improve cellular regeneration and medically supervised weight loss.

Jenna Hilton believes in a multi-factorial approach, considering internal factors that accelerate aging and disease development. She always enjoys teaching. She co-founded Vibrant EDU courses at Vibrant Skin Bar and regularly performs one-on-one training with fellow injectors. She teaches Aesthetic and Advanced Injectable Courses at National Laser Institute. She has been named Preceptor of the Year and is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Midwestern University. She was born in Iowa, and lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, AZ.

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